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Referral Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions Of Trade between Complete Office Search & Office Space Providers

  1. Free Registration 

Registering and listing a Business Centre, Executive Suite and Serviced Office on the Complete Office Search network is completely free.

  1. Client Introductions/Referrals

Our introduction/referral is made when Complete Office Search pass on the details and contact information of the Office Space Provider to a client who is looking for office space. This introduction is made via email, fax or when the details of the Office Space Provider are given to a client looking for office space via the telephone. We in turn inform the Office Space Provider of this introduction and pass on the client’s details to the Office Space Provider. This introduction is again made via email, fax or phone. Our introductions are applicable to any premises within your companies portfolio regardless of any property(‘s) initially identified on the introduction.

Non-receipt of the introduction/referral by either the client or the Office Space Provider doesn’t constitute as a failed introduction if at least one of the parties is aware of the introduction/referral or providing we are able to demonstrate (fax or copy email) that we have sent it to you.

  1. Client Rejections
  1. i) It is assumed that the Office Space Providers acknowledge and accept a new Complete Office Search client on receipt of our email, fax, or telephone call, unless the email or fax is returned to Complete Office Search within 24 working business hours, stating when and which company had previously introduced you to the particular client. This will clearly avoid any misunderstandings and duplication of client introductions.
  2. ii) Viewing Overturn Policy – By agreeing these terms, you also consent to a viewing overturn policy. i.e. if another broker introduces a client to you before our original introduction via email or fax but has not yet arranged for the client to see your office, you permit us to contact the client and arrange a viewing of your office. If that client then proceeds to take space at your office, Complete Office Search will be credited for the introduction.
  1. Confirmation of Successful Introduction

It is the responsibility of the Office Space Providers to provide Complete Office Search with the client’s licence/rental agreement details (start date of agreement, length of agreement, rent per calendar month and company name occupying the office space) once an agreement has been signed.

  1. Privacy Policy

It is understood that any applicant that is introduced to you by us is strictly for your use only and the applicant or any details of the applicant may not be passed to any 3rd party, including (without limitation) another agent, without our prior written approval. The relationship between all parties must be agreed upon before applicants are passed on.

  1. Commission and Fees

Our introductory commission is 10% of the all-inclusive license/rental fee for a period of up to 12 months. If the client vacates earlier than the 12 months or signs for a term of less than 12 months, then our fees due are calculated on a pro-rated basis. A fee of 2.5% of the initial license/rental for an Office is due for the additional years of the licence agreement beyond the first 12 months.

  1. Payment

Our invoices are to be paid in advance, monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or annually subject to the terms of the agreement and are to be paid in full upon receipt. Our invoices will be emailed to the respective Office Space Provider and will be issued once the operator confirms to Complete Office Search the relevant details of the agreement signed by the client.

  1. Change of Ownership

In the even that an Office Space Provider (or an entire group or part of a group of Office Space Provider) is sold; it is the responsibility of the Office Space Provider to advise Complete Office Search in writing and to ensure the new owners are aware of the future commission payment obligation to our company. Should this not happen then the remaining commission payments due will have to be paid and remain the exclusive responsibility and liability of the original owners/operators of the property.

  1. Limitations, Exclusions and Indemnity

It is the sole responsibility of Office Space Providers to provide Complete Office Search with all the correct information in respect of their offices that are being promoted on our network. All information in relation to the Office Space Providers including pictures of the office space along with text describing the offices is to be supplied by the Office Space Providers. Complete Office Search accepts nor assumes any responsibility or liability in respect of any claims brought by a customer of the Operator or any third party arising from the activities of Complete Office Search or the Operator. The operator shall indemnify and hold harmless Complete Office Search from and against all and any costs, claims, loss or damage.

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